VP, Insurance Services

San Francisco, CA

Rippling’s insurance business is multifaceted, fast-moving, and profitable. We’re looking for an executive to develop a consolidated view of our global activities, with a focus on optimizing the financial performance of these businesses. This includes how our licensed producers sell insurance, how we manage certain broker partner relationships, how we optimize our scale with insurance markets, the risk pools we manage, how we manage critical carrier relationships and the ongoing servicing of our global insurance offerings outside the US. The role reports to our Chief Operating Officer.

What you will do

  • Manage Carrier Relationships: our global EOR, US EOR, and US BOR and US PEO businesses depend on an array of carriers that provide to back the health and benefits, workers compensation, life, and other ancillary insurance products that our customers gain access to acquire through participation one of varied insurance programs within our product suite insurance programs. These dynamic carrier relationships are critical to the financial success of these products, especially during renewals and other points of negotiation.
  • Expand Insurance Offerings: as our product suite and volume of insurance participation business grows, we can afford to offer a broader selection of products to our customers. For example, the growth of our PEO has afforded us the opportunity to expanded our carrier selection to allow for best-in-market the addition of popular regional carriers in certain geographies. We expect similar opportunities to present in other product offerings, including our global EOR business. Abroad, there are opportunities to expand our EOR offerings. You’ll identify, prioritize and execute on these expansion opportunities.
  • Drive Core Operational Improvements: there are many operational processes that take place manually at Rippling, at a carrier, or at a partner broker, but which could be automated or executed at a lower cost. You’ll identify ways to move the work to its most efficient configuration, through both internal and external partnerships.
  • Drive Improvements in Go-to-Market Activities: work with various members of our sales and marketing teams, within and outside of the US, to improve our competitive positioning, demand generation tactics, and implementation processes.
  • Global Expansion: in collaboration with our global BD team, establish and manage relationships across our global EOR and global benefits administration products, such as our global Workers Compensation offerings.
  • Keep Us Compliant: serve as a member of our extended compliance team by acting as a subject matter expert on what can and can’t be done in the pursuit of growth.

What you will need

  • A deep understanding of the insurance business. The role requires broad exposure to various forms of business insurance (Health and Benefits/ Property and Casualty), with a period of time working deeply in at least one of health, workers compensation, or related insurance products. Experience with running a dynamic insurance agency, EOR, PEO PEOs, EORs or similar models is strongly preferred
  • The ability to think from first principles. The insurance industry has been around for, uh, awhile. And many of the ways business is conducted are outmoded. The successful candidate will go back to basics and ask, “why is it done this way?” Then, they’ll work within the unique constraints of the Rippling environment to devise novel approaches. We are not very interested in the default answers.
  • Familiarity with relevant compliance obligations. The successful candidate will have an understanding of what’s fair game in insurance sales and marketing, and what’s not. They will have an on-the-spot ability to identify potential compliance issues, and the confidence and communication style to flag those issues immediately.
  • A scrappy, can-do attitude. This role spans the strategic to the tactical. Over time, the team will grow, but you’ll need to roll up your sleeves to get things from zero to one.
  • A network. For better or for worse, the insurance business is a relationship-oriented one, so having a network of people to call on for opinions and connections is a big help.
  • An analytical mindset. Of all of the productivity tools you might use, you feel most at-home in Sheets/Excel.
  • Experience working within or with insurance carriers, insurance brokers, or related industries.

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