Supply Chain Planning Manager

New York, NY

The Supply Chain Planning Manager is responsible for leading & executing the demand forecasting process and supply planning activities. Your activities will ensure the supply chain operations is set up to successfully deliver against the full business needs. You will work closely with all functions across the organization to maintain a broad understanding of the Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations plans & capabilities to build the most accurate demand forecasts and effective supply plans.  


Supply Planning

  • Maintain a deep understanding of the various product supply chains – lead times, MOQ’s, supplier service performance
  • Establish KPIs to measure supplier service performance and CM selection
  • Assist in the procurement process and work with PD and Sr. Ops Leader to revamp and re-select longer term contract manufacturers across both brands
  • Partner with Finance to establish appropriate inventory strategy and safety stock levels by product and location to balance service & cost
  • Perform a monthly review of refreshed demand forecast compared to current inventory on hand & open purchase orders to determine any necessary new purchase orders that should be placed to maintain targeted stock levels
  • Maintain close communications with Supply Chain Manager to stay up to date on the expected delivery date of all open purchase orders
  • Ensure effective tools are being used & maintained for successful demand forecasting
  • Measure and report on the inventory health – DOH vs Target, SLOB, OOS’s, etc
  • Work with Sales to proactively move any SLOB inventory

Demand Forecasting

  • Partner closely with the Sales & Marketing team to gain a deep understanding of the selling dynamics behind every channel & account
  • Collect and analyze historical data to support the creation of the future forecast
  • Maintain a strong understanding of promotional plans across the Sales & Marketing team
  • Partner with Finance to connect the demand forecast with annual revenue targets and forecasts
  • Work with Product Development, Sales, and Marketing to create an initial demand forecast for all new product innovation
  • Maintain a rolling 12-month bottoms-up item level forecast for all products within the portfolio across all selling channels & subsequent inventory holding locations
  • Ensure effective tools are being used & maintained for successful demand forecasting
  • Lead the future development and management of a Sales & Operations Planning program
  • Measure and report on the demand forecast accuracy – use learnings to continuously improve the signals

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