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Software Engineering


Opportunity is not evenly distributed. Shopify puts independence within reach for anyone with a dream to start a business. We propel entrepreneurs and enterprises to scale the heights of their potential. Since 2006, we’ve grown to over 8,300 employees and generated over $947 billion in sales for millions of merchants in 175 countries. 

This is life-defining work that directly impacts people’s lives as much as it transforms your own. This is putting the power of the few in the hands of the many, is a future with more voices rather than fewer, and is creating more choices instead of an elite option.

Moving at our pace brings a lot of change, complexity, and ambiguity—and a little bit of chaos. Shopifolk thrive on that and are comfortable being uncomfortable. That means Shopify is not the right place for everyone.

Before you apply, consider if you can:

  • Care deeply about what you do and about making commerce better for everyone
  • Excel by seeking professional and personal hypergrowth
  • Keep up with an unrelenting pace (the week, not the quarter)
  • Be resilient and resourceful in face of ambiguity and thrive on (rather than endure) change
  • Bring critical thought and opinion
  • Embrace differences and disagreement to get shit done and move forward
  • Work digital-first for your daily work

We are not here to play zero-sum games. Shopify Engineering is focused on building the best product for our Merchants. You will enable entrepreneurship and create new value for the world. 

We’re looking for experienced and curious software engineers to help build the future of commerce. 

  • Our engineering culture is deeply collaborative, truth-seeking, candid, and merchant obsessed
  • Our success hinges on our ability to build and scale the platform that powers commerce for millions of merchants. And do it in a robust and performant way. 

We believe that a great engineer can apply and hone their craft across multiple domains. That’s why we hire generalists, give them opportunities to learn new technologies and tools, and provide support and mentorship along the way. 

Shopify engineers contribute to the entire commerce “stack.” Think: delivering merchant and buyer-facing applications, creating complex financial solutions, improving open source communities, building internal tools to improve developer experience, and more. 

If you care deeply about what you do, and you’re committed to the relentless pursuit of developing and mastering your craft, Shopify Engineering might be for you.

You might be great in this role if you have:

  • Proficiency with multiple programming languages and frameworks, likely with deep mastery in a specific language/framework.
  • Professional experience with modern web/cloud development practices, and familiarity or eagerness to learn modern tools like React/Typescript/GraphQL.
  • Developed, enhanced, or applied technical patterns to improve your team's capacity for delivering high-quality code.
  • Expertly worked with all major connected components, specializing in one or two of them.
  • A proven track record of constructing and maintaining critical system components that are integral to a product's functionality.
  • Successfully created alignment with senior stakeholders on the technical direction for ambiguous problem areas.
  • Contributed to work estimates, prioritization, and alignment with Product Management to ensure projects are well defined
  • Successfully tackled ambiguous or poorly defined problems, providing technical direction and fostering alignment with the team.
  • Balanced trade-offs so that you can ship effective solutions that match up with long-term goals and the team’s engineering principles and patterns.
  • Mentored other developers one to one, and one to many, contributing to a culture of continuous learning and growth.
  • Collaborated effectively with peers across disciplines like Product, UX, Ops, and Data.
  • (Bonus) Have been an entrepreneur yourself

Craft has always been the heart of Shopify. We’re a company, founded by crafters, focused on a mission to make commerce better for everyone. This is why we want careers at Shopify to reflect the incredible journey of getting better at your craft and applying it to push our mission forward. Shopifolk generally follow one of two career tracks

The crafter track is designed for individual contributors, whose primary purpose is getting shit done. Crafters hone their skills and gain experience primarily through project contributions, but they may also act as player coaches to their peers or lead small, focused teams of peer crafters executing on specific areas of the business or product.

The manager track is designed for people leaders, the stewards of the organization. The tool of a manager is their team, and this is how a manager makes the majority of their impact. They assemble, lead, and aim the team to ensure the team’s crafters achieve Shopify’s mission goals.

Still interested? Great! To match you with your ideal role, we’ll take the time to get to know you and the skills you bring to the table. If you’re applying to a specific role, we’ll respond within 10 business days. If we don’t have an immediate opening, don’t worry! We’ll give you an update and keep you in mind for future roles. Just do us a favour and try not to submit more than one or two applications. Only submit additional applications if you really match the criteria for multiple roles.

We hire people, not resumes. If you think you’re right for the role, apply now.

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