Social Media Manager, Organic

New York, NY

Do you have a history of going viral on TikTok? Well, Book of the Month has the perfect job for you! We are seeking to hire a manager to lead our organic social media accounts with the opportunity to build out other content marketing functions over time. Your mission will be to (1) Go viral on TikTok as often as possible, (2) Run a well-organized content program across IG and TT, and (3) grow into other content marketing channels (YouTube, blog, etc.) over time. The successful candidate will be an excellent originator and creator of well-aligned content, but also a careful and strategic editor and curator of content – seeking to create a consistent and intentional content brand. 

What you will be doing…

  • Creating posts that go viral on Tiktok (BookTok).
  • Manage all aspects of our organic social media accounts (Instagram and Tiktok) to drive follower growth and increase post visibility/distribution.
  • Conceptualize and create all of your posts.
  • Create posts that are (a) well aligned with high-volume and relevant cultural topics, (b) in-line with the Book of the Month brand, mission, capabilities, and objectives, and (c) drive incremental traffic, ad spend, and/or enrolls.
  • Build a reliable bench of high-quality contributors and content creators as needed.
  • Manage content creation against a production budget by thinking of each piece of content as an investment with an expected outcome.
  • Drive distribution of your content through SEO, search/hashtag usage, content swapping, and other owned and earned channels.


  • A proven history of creating viral content on Tiktok, IG, and/or Youtube.
  • Proven content creator in video content distributed on TT and IG with a well-established portfolio of work.
  • A life-long dedication to the craft of content creation.
  • Experience with audience development, marketing, and promotion.
  • Deep love of books, particularly new-release fiction.
  • Familiarity with and understanding of the BOTM brand.
  • Broad network of creative and talent professionals.

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