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Safety and Environment Engineer

Corinne, UT

The Autoliv Promontory (PRO) Facility Safety and Environment Engineer will be responsible for maintaining a healthy, safe, and productive workplace, including communicating and enforcing standards and procedures, training workers, and representing the interests of Autoliv. 

Core Responsibilities & Activities for Safety and Health: 

  • Works closely together with operations and facility managers to actively identify, control, minimize, mitigate and/or remove risks in site’s day-to-day operations. Participates in and facilitate HS&E audits, front-end process engineering events focusing on risk assessment, evaluation of new processes, and review of facility layouts for potential HS&E issues. 
  • Manage all site safety programs including PPE, Industrial Vehicles, LOTO, Machine guarding, GHS, etc. 
  • Manage all safety incidences, investigations, and incident corrective actions • Conduct routine area safety audits 
  • Ensure compliance with to all BATF&E regulations with all on-site explosive storage magazines and corresponding regulations. 
  • Manage and input all workplace injury claims, working with WC insurance representative and health clinic Occ Nurse. 
  • Determines OSHA recordability and maintains the facility’s OSHA required documents, i.e. 300, 300A and 301 
  • Responsible for managing the facility’s Workers Compensation, Return to Work and Modified Duty programs. 
  • Manage all industrial hygiene activities including but not limited to air, noise, hazardous material sampling, Safety Data Sheet (SDS) review and PPE assessments, etc. Assists with Industrial Hygiene Sampling. 
  • Ensure facility compliance to hot work permitting and communication 
  • Conduct safety related trainings, including new hire safety orientation 
  • Conduct any Operating Safety Committee (OSC) meetings for new process/material implementation or changes 
  • Conducts hazards and risk assessments (HRA’s), machine guarding, ergonomic and other assessments to make recommendations for corrective actions to control and/or mitigate risk. 
  • Conduct ergonomic assessments in high-risk areas as needed 
  • Conduct Process Hazard Analysis (PHA’s) for all Process Safety Management related processes. 
  • Perform near miss and accident Investigations and submits appropriate report(s). 
  • Work closely with Security team on all site security related issues. 
  • Provide technical expertise, assistance, training, and resources to customers, associates, legal, engineering, and management as needed (i.e., anticipation, recognition, evaluation, control, and minimization of occupational injury or disease conditions to ensure employee safety and legal liability). 
  • Work in correlation with corporate Safety personnel to ensure standardized work and corrective actions. 
  • Conduct Operational Readiness Inspections (ORIs) for new equipment and/or processes installations • Develops customized HS&E communications for the facility (e.g., Newsletters, Safety Topic, Safety Alerts, etc.). 
  • Serves as Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) Coordinator. 
  • Implement corrective actions to facility risk management audit findings 
  • Participate in the facility staff meetings to ensure safety communication to site leadership 
  • Conduct radiation leak surveys for x-ray equipment 
  • Review and report divisional health and safety performance regularly. 
  • Perform off-line testing of process equipment to ensure explosive safety functionality 
  • Communicate all Significant Events to all Autoliv sites globally to ensure corrective action implementation 
  • Travels when necessary to other facilities to audit, train, and assist in HS&E functions. 

Education & Skills: 

  • Required - Degree in Health, Safety, Occupational Safety, Industrial Hygiene and/or related field experience. 
  • Ability to work on multiple projects and collaborate with various levels of operating to identify and mitigate actual or potential safety risks. 
  • Able to work closely with other operational personnel to solve problems, improve operations and achieve 100% compliance. 
  • Ability to effectively lead and participate in a team environment. 
  • Proven excellent interpersonal and analytical communication skills both written and verbal. 
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with the line organization to drive accountability for safety and zero incident mentality. 
  • Proven excellent organization and time management skills Previous Experience: 
  • Experience reviewing and interpreting industry regulations, regulatory requirements and developing facility strategies to support personnel safety and compliance. 
  • Knowledge of national, state and local HSE regulations and HSE Management Systems.

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