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Project Communications Manager

Remote Irvine, CA

Salary Range: $66,000.00 - $85,000.00

Position Type: Full Time

Hybrid Work Model


SEGA... What do you think of when you hear that word? Do you think of the console with the iconic, harmonized voice fire ups or do you think of the countless gaming hits from Sonic the Hedgehog, Golden Axe, or the Persona series?...


When we think of SEGA, we think of its evolution as a pioneer in the video game market to one of the most prominent video game developers and publishers ever! Globally, SEGA has over 5,000 employees passionately working to bring the best gaming entertainment to players around the planet. We have one of, if not the richest, portfolio of original IPs something we are very proud of and excited about as the market continues to change.


New streaming technologies and shifts in the retail landscape are well poised for what will be the most disruptive and innovative time in our industry. Our IP strategy positions us well for this, and we are enthusiastic about the future!


There's never been a more exciting time in the company's history to join SEGA!


The Project Communications Manager directs the communication between internal cross-functional teams with their counterparts in Japan relating to brand initiatives and project need. This position actively contributes to and maintains the flow and schedule of correspondence and assets to regularly align with internal teams and project schedules.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Lead communication and work closely with all partners on a variety of brand initiatives between US and Japan offices by gathering and analyzing project information, and presenting to reviewing parties to maximize success of gaining approvals on schedule
  • Act as the expert of US and Japan market differences, to help bridge and communicate differences between the markets as they pertain to project needs
  • Work closely with global teams during project greenlight process to ensure goals and objectives are agreed to, and deliverables are on schedule
  • Provide guidance to internal teams based on unique understanding of the temperament and needs of the various stakeholders
  • Proactively communicate marketing plans and other relevant information from and to internal and external stakeholders to achieve an open pipeline of dialogue and collaboration between offices
  • Lead weekly video conference meetings with Japanese office and provide recap reports on key activities related to brand initiatives and promotions
  • Provide Japanese to English bilingual translations and interpretation and vice versa while working with several cross-functional teams (brand marketing, comms, community, creative services, and production) to ensure projects progress according to status, schedules, and deliverables
  • Translate a variety of project materials including but not limited to product presentations, pricing matrixes, marketing plans, product reports, and emails
  • Interpret on behalf of internal departments and key dev staff at conference meetings and calls, external press conferences, developer interviews, and panel discussions
  • Stay on top of news and announcements relating to our brands and intellectual properties
  • Other duties as assigned

Skills and Abilities:

  • 4+ years’ experience in a related position within gaming and/or consumer products
  • Fully bilingual in English and Japanese with excellent understanding of both cultures
  • Good knowledge of US and Japan gaming and/or entertainment markets and audiences, with an understanding of the nuances of each region
  • Experience in project management, analysis, and the ability to work with multiple teams
  • Confident negotiation skills
  • Must provide evidence of ability to manage multiple projects in a fast-paced environment
  • Proficient in MS Office suite of products (Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook
  • Must be flexible with evening hours to accommodate Japanese business hours
  • Positive and professional attitude

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