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Operations Manager

Monroe, OH

Reports to: General Manager- Contract Warehousing 

Reporting Staff: Human Resource Manager, Warehouse Supervisors, Inventory Control Specialist, Order Control Specialist, Custodian

Alternate in Case of Absence: Warehouse Supervisors


  • Develops warehouse techniques to improve the flow of scheduling, order fulfillment, inbound/outbound shipping, loading and unloading of trucks
  • Creates and maintains an effective relationship with Blue Buffalo Inc. and addresses customer issues and requests
  • Maintains a productive staff and creates and manages the process for hiring, training, and professional development of all personnel
  • Allows support and resources for the Food Quality Program
  • Ensures compliance with OSHA standards
  • Manages programs to keep tools and equipment in designated areas, schedule cleaning of equipment, product is in neat straight rows inside storage perimeters, helps maintain strict rodent and pest control
  • Assists in ensuring the security of the facility, the employees, and the product
  • Ensures accurate inventory control
  • Audits the aisle cleaning completed by material handlers
  • Audits the cleaning completed by the custodian
  • Audits the can (wet food) for infestation activity weekly and updates the damage log
  • Responsible for Food Safety


Desired Background:

  • Undergraduate Degree and/or warehouse supervisor/manager experience of 5+ years
  • WMS configuration knowledge
  • High level of MS Excel experience and expertise
  • Experience hiring and training team members
  • Strong ability to promote a positive and productive culture

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