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Málaga, Málaga, Spain +2

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FULL TIME (Virtual or In-Person)

This is an exciting and rare opportunity to join a fast-paced and rapidly growing company. Liv Conlon Enterprises has the following brands:

  • ThePropertyStagers: the UK's Leading Home Staging + Furniture Pack Supplier
  • StagerBoss: the UK’s Leading Home Staging Community and Education company, who are on a mission to support women in launching & building their own Home Staging Businesses
  • > Liv Conlon: Liv's personal brand

As the right hand person to Founder & CEO, Liv Conlon (UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year & 2x Best Selling Author), your role will be to assist the CEO in amplifying the companies reach across all online platforms on Social Media, Podcasting, YouTube, Email Marketing and our In-Person Events.

This is the role for you if...

  • ​You have a SOLID background in email marketing, content creation, and social media management.
  • ​This position requires balancing a lot of tasks at once, so it's really important for you to be quick on the computer, hyper proactive, SOP-driven, and able to pick up new software and skills easily.
  • You are organised and detail oriented – there's a lot of daily content/copy! You need to have a brain that picks up on the finer details and take immense pride in their everyday work (This is a pivotal role as the assets created are customer-facing and need to meet our core values and content standards)​
  • You are ambitious and excited to be involved at the ground level of a rapidly growing start-up
  • ​Your main motivator is personal growth and serving others in alignment with the companies mission
  • ​You embody an 'all hands on deck' work ethic, and no task is beneath them, if in alignment with the companies larger vision
  • ​You are happy working solo, the majority of the time, and integrating into a team atmosphere when required
  • ​You are looking to grow personally and professionally WITHIN a company (this is not for an entrepreneur looking to start their own business or to acquire us as a client)

*If you're a business owner, read this: This role is full time, we're looking to bring someone in-house. ​​​This is for you, if you are looking to grow personally and professionally WITHIN a company. If you're currently an entrepreneur we're only looking to hire someone who is exiting their business. We are not looking to be an entrepreneur's main client. 


You will be required to be proficient in the following platforms: Google Drive (Slides, Docs & Sheets) | Wondershare Filmora or Similar (Video & Podcast Editing) | Libsyn | Canva | Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin | YouTube | Buffer | Calendly | Zoom | Kajabi | ClickFunnels | Airtable

Your Responsibilities & Opportunity

Social Media - Top Level Vision: Your role will to be assist Liv in mapping out the social strategy across all brands on a quarterly basis, assist in the shooting of content. It will be your sole responsibility to action, create + schedule content.

  • Assist CEO in outlining content for each month across all of Liv Conlon Platforms on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin & Other Platforms
  • Create, write & edit content including but not limited to: videos, reels, images, captions & stories using Canva + Wondershare Filmora​
  • ​Scheduling content 1-3 months in advance via Buffer
  • ​Handling DMs & Replying to Comments
  • ​Assist CEO on filming days
  • Sharing and repurposing content in real time as needed
  • ​Follower growth & community nurture efforts
  • What Success Looks Like: All 3 brands content is mapped out quarterly, content is scheduled one month in advance (minimum), there are daily engaging story updates and engagement is increasing

YouTube - Top Level Vision: Your role will to be assist Liv in mapping out content for her personal + brands YouTube channel, and assist in the filming. It will your sole responsibility to edit, upload and schedule content

  • Responsible for keyword & competitor research and reporting this to the CEO at the monthly marketing meeting
  • Assist CEO in outlining content & video titles for each month 
  • Writing YouTube video descriptions using relevant keywords & uploading with each video
  • Scheduling YouTube videos via the platform 1-3 months in advance
  • ​Choose appropriate 30-60 second snippets to advertise across social media channels
  • ​Handling comments & engagement on each video
  • ​Assist CEO on filming days
  • What Success Looks Like: One filming day per month with scripts pre-written, content is scheduled one month in advance (StagerBoss: 3 videos per week, Liv Conlon: 4 videos per month)

Podcast - Top Level Vision: Your role will to be assist Liv in mapping out content for podcast. It will your sole responsibility to edit, upload and schedule episodes.

  • Assist CEO in outlining content for each month for both The StagerBoss Podcast
  • ​Assist CEO in the relaunch of The Too Big For Your Boots Podcast
  • Write Podcast Titles & Descriptions for each podcast
  • Choose appropriate 30-60 second snippets to advertise across social media channels
  • Edit podcast, adding appropriate ending sequence in correlation with mentioned CTA
  • ​Repurposing Facebook Group Lives into podcast episodes
  • Schedule episodes 1-3 months in advance via Libsyn
  • Identify potential podcast guests & manage process from reaching out to scheduling interview time
  • ​Create all relevant marketing materials for podcast to schedule on marketing channels
  • ​Correspond with podcast guest about release date to ensure maximum reach with their audience 
  • ​​What Success Looks Like: One filming day per month per podcast with scripts pre-written, content is scheduled one month in advance (1 podcast per week, per podcast). We're securing 2-4 guest interviews per month with the Dream 100

Email Marketing - Top Level Vision: Your role will be to write + schedule email campaigns to go out to our segmented audience that reflects our day-to-day marketing and our current marketing objective

  • Assist CEO in outlining content for each month (Up to 6 emails per week)
  • ​Conceptualise and Launch an email newsletter for each brand
  • Manage the complete ActiveCampaign Email Marketing System including but not limited to: managing subscribers, campaigns, automations, audiences, tags 
  • Schedule emails 1-3 months in advance
  • Take initiative & edit email automations without direction from the CEO 
  • Ultimately, support CEO in creating email copy creation
  • ​Provide reporting at our monthly CEO meeting
  • What Success Looks Like: All campaigns are scheduled one month in advance with correct audience segmenting, increase in open-rates and minimising unsubscribes

Campaign Manager - Top Level Vision: Your role will be to assist Liv during launch periods and increase awareness and sales by posting live content and reaching out to leads

  • Attend Trainings: We ask that you attend all LIVE trainings in order to: know the methods we teach in order to create content relevant to curriculum/teachings, screenshot comments and testimonials, monitor chat box and to repurpose the trainings into video snippets or utilise them as a content source
  • ​Assist CEO in outlining key marketing opportunities within each campaign & implementing content creation & promotion inline with the goal
  • Provide CEO with weekly updates on engagement, progress and stats
  • Project manage your own roles and responsibilities in a clear way, so that the CEO can see where each project and task is at via Clickup
  • What Success Looks Like: You are present during a launch, identifying gaos and opportunities that you can spot, earmarking engaged individuals


  • Prepare a monthly report of engagement across all marketing channels at the monthly marketing meeting and suggest new strategies moving forward 
  • ​You’ll also be expected to send a quick report at the end of each week, detailing where you are at with projects, any questions/blockers you have, and what’s upcoming.

Other Opportunities

  • Secure podcast interviews for CEO on Dream 100 platforms
  • Consistently seek opportunities for PR features, speaking events and opportunities to collaborate with Dream 100


Client Communication

  • Grant access to individuals requesting access to Facebook Groups and add relevant contact details to email marketing systems
  • Handle communication with clients via email & DMS: including but not limited to admin, billing, course access issues
  • ​Communicates with clients via Facebook Groups and Slack Channels, and questions that cannot be answered are added to ClickUp for CEO to answer

Platform Management

  • Manage content updates and uploads via Member Portal on Kajabi 
  • Support clients with login & technical issues
  • ​Support CEO in updating and uploading content to landing pages and funnels via Clickfunnels

Attending Events

  • Assist CEO with concept, branding & marketing plan for each event
  • ​Attend meetings, events, retreats and VIP Days in the UK, Spain & Internationally
  • Where necessary, scheduling travel arrangements for others involved in the event and circulating agendas with the necessary parties
  • ​Greet and check-in clients and other guests for meetings and events
  • ​Managing the event team on the day of each event
  • ​Coordinating with the content team regarding the necessary image & video content needed, if absent, taking responsibility for the suggested content
  • ​Support CEO throughout online events via Facebook, Zoom or Webinar Jam, managing comments, links and customer help


  • Prepare agendas, attend meetings, and transcribe correspondence where necessary. If the CEO is awaiting a response or deliverable after a meeting, make sure to follow-up and make sure it’s completed. If the CEO is assigned something during a meeting, make sure it’s added into Clickup
  • Conduct ad-hoc research when necessary and present findings in a clear format. Keep this research tidy in organised files.
  • Initial creation of documents that the CEO can use to build on in order to finalize.
  • Editing the creative of slides after provided content from CEO


  • Ordering, wrapping, card writing and mailing of awards and programme gifts 
  • ​Sending flowers, gifts and cards where necessary. A job well done here includes thinking ahead of who the CEO may want to send thank you notes or gifts to, and continuously making note of preferences, budgets and messaging.

Location: Remote; Or private offices if located near Sotogrande, Spain

Schedule: Full Time Position. Mon-Fri (Events are usually weekends) 

We are hiring internationally for this role (our company is based in Spain, but mainly serves UK & USA customers). Once the candidate it selected, we will discuss best hiring structure & schedule based on location

Candidate must be willing to travel to Spain, UK and internationally if necessary.

Compensation\Renumeration: £40-50k annually (commensurate with experience) 

Perks When You Join the Team:

  • Experience working in a fast-paced environment that is constantly evolving and coming up with new ideas on how to best serve our audience and customers.
  • Lots of room for growth within the company! 
  • ​You’ll get to be a part of company retreats and events where we make things happen & have fun.
  • ​You'll get access to the programmes we offer and programmes we've purchased to grow our business (over $250k of training)
  • ​Work with a conscious personal development team + company  

Liv Conlon Coaching is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified candidates will be considered for employment regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, genetic information or disability

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