Marketing Manager

Dubuque, IA

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • People: Marketing assistant, marketing events coordinator
  • Data: Marketing campaigns and events, product sales data, customer data, editorial and advertising content, subscriber data, readership data/analytics.
  • Things: Assigned workstation and related office equipment, building/office keys, assigned software, production and office supplies, computer, telephone, office equipment.

Overall responsibilities:

  • Create and manage Woodward Community Media (WCM) marketing campaigns for products, services and events.
  • Work closely with TH Media (THM) content, audience development, and interactive media departments to plan and execute marketing initiatives.
  • Develop and execute the Marketing Department budget, including sales and expense initiatives.
  • Assist WCM locations with marketing and promotion of Woodward Community Media (WCM) division brands.
  • Support WCM weekly publications audience development and advertising sales with marketing assistance.
  • In coordination with THM sales department, oversee development, implementation and financial performance of TH Media events.
  • In coordination with marketing team, oversee TH Media consumer travel and trips program.
  • Work with advertising and audience development teams to identify and develop contests and webinars. Manages contesting process utilizing Second Street.
  • Work efficiently and effectively with staff, customers and vendors.
  • Supervise the creation and curation of fixed and interactive digital content for TH Media departments to effectively and efficiently enhance the customer digital news and related content consumption experience on all digital platforms (i.e., mobile, desktop, eEdition apps, email, etc.).
  • Use research, subscription data, advertising sales data, social media, content consumption data, and the relationships between them, in order to help grow content consumption and subscription revenue.
  • Assist the audience development, editorial and advertising teams with digital products that sales personnel can effectively sell.
  • Promote TH Media products through print, online, social media, email, mail, and other media outlets.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Develop and execute Marketing Department revenue and expense budgets.
  • Develop and implement new products, events and services, focusing on revenue generation/expense control and net profit margin; work with and communicate to appropriate departments. Manage multiple tasks and projects.
  • Provide oversight and attend Telegraph Herald sponsored events.
  • Work with marketing and sales staff to generate event revenue (sponsorships, tickets, booths, etc.). TH Media events include, but are not limited to: Her Night Out; Rising Stars; First Citizen reception, Salute to Women Awards and others.

Work with internal and external resources to promote:

  • Digital content
  • Successful preparation, promotion, communication and execution of TH Media events.
  • Utilize all tools to help with Advertising and Circulation customer acquisition -- including MMS, data analytics, direct mail, email, etc.
  • Provide oversight of promotional messaging
  • Oversee in-kind advertising in TH Media products.
  • Promote the Telegraph Herald,, and all aspects of TH Media, through outside services and organizations, as appropriate.
  • Hire, coach, train and develop personnel.
  • Travel locally and regionally to other company locations and for events and conferences.
  • Attend community/business networking events.
  • Positively represent the company through public, professional and educational community contact and involvement.
  • Maintain a "customer comes first" environment with pro-active commitment to internal and external customer service.
  • Conduct oneself in a manner that promotes the participatory management philosophy.
  • Provide or adapt interactive editorial or sponsored content in collaboration with the editorial and interactive media departments.

Collaborate with:

  • editorial personnel on relevant and timely digital content and digital delivery platforms.
  • circulation management on comprehensive circulation strategies (i.e., print and digital) and related customer support tactics.
  • sales management to develop and implement digital advertising and sponsorship opportunities.
  • and works closely with the electronic media department to develop and implement projects.
  • Help develop customer retention programs, social media marketing, email, social media, digital marketing and any other viable channels.
  • Parse and analyze digital content customer data to identify trends and patterns that help develop business strategy and tactics to attract and retain subscribers.
  • Actively participates in all company-sponsored training sessions.
  • Participates in the Great Game of Business.
  • All other duties as assigned.

Behavior: Maintains highest degree of confidentiality. Trustworthy in all aspects of the job to ensure the integrity of the office served and the information handled. Strong work ethic, good communication skills, the ability to work well in a team environment and knowledge of current technology. Sense of ownership and passion for creating promotions as well as developing and generating TH Media brands. Exhibits good inter and intra-departmental skills in coordinating work. Approachable and interacts well with people at all levels of the company. Exhibits initiative and works independently with minimal instruction. Acts and demonstrates a professional manner and exhibits loyalty to the company and management. Punctual and reliable. Maintains a good driving record and current drivers license.

Skills: Sales, marketing, leadership and management. Excellent, comprehensive communication and presentation skills. Detail oriented and highly organized.

Knowledge: Four-year college degree or equivalent successful career track with minimum of five years in advertising, marketing or business. Knowledge and experience in: business, retail or accounting procedures, budgeting, management practices, personnel administration, electronic newspaper production.

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