Manager, Technical Operations Planning


The Manager, Technical Operations Planning leads both the strategic long-term planning and intermediate technical requirements including the research, development, and design of the planning specification with engineering and programs for Technical Operations Avelo. Responsible for leading and facilitating the planning implementation specification of the program overall tasks supporting ADs, MPD, Internal Tasks and Engineering projects. Delivers and packages for MCC both tactical and strategic planning by task package required against the Avelo 737 Fleet of CFM-56 Powerplants and all related onboard Aircraft Systems, Cabin and Components required.

Responsibilities and Outcomes

Responsible for the execution of all planning and accomplishment compliance with applicable FAA, AD, FAR, OSHA, EPA, and other governing regulations. Utilize Avelo’s Technical Operations GMM Policy and Procedures pertaining to the development of aircraft planning inventory to support MOC, Line Mtc capacity strategy and strategic planning goals.

Reviews incoming manufacturer's MPD, AMM and ICA changes and other correspondence including tooling and determines applicability to Avelo Technical Operations team. Evaluates (including cost/benefit study) to make planning package recommendation, including the development of the incorporation into the fleet plan both tactical and strategic.

Preparation of the technical planning documentation utilizing GMM, MTLM, Engineering Orders, FCD or Task card procedures that affect the flight schedule plan. Requires specification and work order development with materials for MRO’s, Line maintenance including the Maintenance Coordination Center.

Institutionalizes and streamlines improvements of the planning work package AMOS processes to best include and support Line Maintenance resources to improve planning efficiencies. This position is vital to the safety and airworthiness of our Customers and Crewmembers.

Maintains compliance with applicable FAA, FAR, OSHA and EPA regulations and Avelo’s Technical Operations Policy (GMM) including all current planning processes.

  • Understand FAA Regulatory requirements as it pertains to planning tasks against aircraft compliantly.
  • Champion of GMM processes and the Airline AMOS operating systems.

Leads weekly and other periodic reviews of Airframe activity including detailed analysis of past and future data to assess fleet, program, labor, and base trends to maximize event opportunity and aircraft asset management to increase aircraft availability.

  • Review’s engineering and maintenance program specification data and recommends enhanced planning solutions as required to improve aircraft safety and reliability performance.
  • Performs strategy formulation, development, implementation, and evaluation of aircraft maintenance (A) through (C) Check plans to optimize cost and aircraft safety
  • Plans and schedules maintenance work packages based on the availability of planned man-hours to ensure minimum aircraft downtime and a balanced workload. Assists Aircraft Records Department in tracking AMOS engine and airframe requirements.

Responsible for developing and maintaining plans needed to accurately forecast future scheduled maintenance activities for all aircraft in the Avelo 737 fleet. Coordinates maintenance requirements with the demands of daily operations. Prepares work packages for aircraft that remain overnight in Avelo maintenance base stations. Coordinating the plan to accomplish these work packages with the Maintenance Coordination Center planning team.

  • Develops and implements procedures and systems for the efficient planning of major maintenance, measurement of maintenance productivity, and management of engines and Auxiliary Powerplant Units (APUs).
  • Oversees the build-up of work packages for aircraft scheduled checks and other special maintenance events. Researches, maintains data, and monitors trends concerning aircraft maintenance, labor hours, span time, and other requirements.
  • In response to changes in aircraft network routing, plans and schedules workloads based on workforce and base station requirements, MELs, inspections/checks, time-controlled unit changes, deferred DMI maintenance items, and repair/correction of items affecting the airworthiness of aircraft.

Develops maintenance planning specifications from supporting MRB, MPD, CMR and all other required ICA’s to ensure program and planning compliance.

  • Manages all Airframe and CFM powerplant developed tasks created by engineering and programs.
  • Maintains intent of all engineering originated instructions for continued airworthiness (ICA’s).

Creates a “One Crew” and “Do The Right Thing” mentality for Engineering across the New Airline.



  • College degree in aircraft or aerospace management or related field desired
  • Two Years of experience in strategy, planning, forecasting, continuous improvement, or maintenance/aircraft planning function, or related field · Experience in using data analysis and quantitative modeling techniques (e.g. statistical, optimization, simulation, spreadsheet)
  • Adept at managing several projects and initiatives simultaneously through appropriate prioritization
  • Project management experience applied to planning and forecasting
  • 6 + years previous airline, military, OEM or MRO experience with commercial aircraft is required. Familiarity with airline planning, scheduling and support systems. Understanding of FAR 121 Technical Operations Regulations
  • Planning and Aircraft acumen to influence across all Avelo business groups
  • Self-initiative and ability to work independently with little supervision
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Excellent computer skills; proficiency in Microsoft Office, Adobe, and AMOS
  • “Safety always in everything we do, caring for others.” Practices Safety conscious behaviors in all operational processes and procedures.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work through complexity to identify root causes and develop effective and simple solutions.
  • Tenacious problem solving and continuous improvement mindset.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Foster and develop teamwork and leadership that embraces our company’s “Purpose, Values and Vision”.
  • Current and Valid Passport
  • Current and valid Driver’s License with good driving record


  • Current Valid A/P License
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) certification
  • AMOS – or other CBTS Computer Based Tracking Systems
  • CCPM Theory of constraints understanding
  • Maintenance Programs /MRB/MPD/MSG3
  • Analytics and application to aircraft maintenance programs
  • Vistair Document Management

May perform other responsibilities, as assigned. Responsibilities and duties may change when circumstances dictate. (e.g., emergencies, changes in workload, rush jobs or technical developments, etc.)

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