Lighting and Projections Supervisor

St. Louis, MO

Under the direction of the Director of Production, the Lighting and Projections Supervisor serves as a key member of The Repertory Theatre St. Louis’ (LORT B) Production Department. Seeking an experienced, motivated individual to oversee implementation of all lighting and projections aspects for Rep STL. The Lighting and Projections Supervisor will take an active role in facilitating communication with the Director of Production, Technical Director, Designers, and IATSE production staff to ensure all departments are informed about designs, changes, and planning for each production.

The Lighting and Projections Supervisor’s primary responsibilities are to oversee the development, installation, acquisition, fabrication, maintenance and transfer of all electrics gear (owned, purchased, rented, or otherwise) for productions produced and presented by Rep STL while maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. The Lighting and Projections Supervisor is responsible for supervising the Head Electrician and Electrics Department.

The Repertory Theatre St. Louis is committed to creating a culturally diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.



  • Provide and promote the flow of clear communication between Guest Artists, Designers, and the Rep STL’s various departments and personnel within them to ensure successful integration of a show’s technical elements.
  • Manage the Electrics Department in maintaining an up-to-date schedule, inventory, and theatre facilities breakdown to share with designer and Rep STL guest artists.
  • Keep accurate and up-to-date paperwork on all productions, and provide all designers, board operators, spot operators and Stage Management with the same.
  • Keep production management appraised as to the progress and viability of the proposed designs as the work on same progresses.
  • Attend all design presentations, meetings, rehearsals and run-throughs as designated by the Director of Production.


  • Supervise and manage Head Electrician, Seasonal Electricians, and Electrics overhire.
  • Supervise and manage assigned budgets for Electrics materials and labor. Keep all financial records up to date, discuss with Director of Production any possible overages, and ensure each production's needs are met and executed within the budgetary parameters while maintaining quality.
  • Research and evaluate new technologies and equipment for both long-term inventory needs and production-specific use.
  • Supervise and assist in season-wide labor planning for the Electrics Department on an annual scale and production basis.
  • Provide Electrics Department and overhire with all the information necessary to implement the design for the given project or production.
  • Provide ongoing coaching, training and support to build an atmosphere of open communication and collaboration in the Electrics Department.
  • Monitor performance of employees in the Electrics Department and effectively recommend to management certain personnel actions for employees, including hiring, layoff, and disciplinary action.


  • Responsible for coordinating and overseeing the maintenance of The Rep STL’s inventory of lighting and projections equipment, including organizing of the space, and replacement or disposal of items as needed.
  • Maintain an accurate and up to date digital inventory of equipment to share with designers.
  • Coordinate any rentals of The Rep STL’s equipment to other organizations, keep accurate records of items on loan, and reconcile returns.
  • Perform and analyze risk assessments and reviews to achieve workable and safe productions and work spaces at all levels.

  • Demonstrated professional experience in non-profit regional theatre, LORT theatre in a lighting or projections department; or a combination of equivalent experience and training.
  • Commitment to creating and maintaining an equitable, inclusive, and anti-racist environment that values diversity and centers excellence.
  • Strong project management skills that demonstrate the ability to deliver complex, multilateral productions.
  • Experience in preparing budgets, labor estimates, build calendars, and staffing schedules. Successful candidates will be adept at managing competing priorities, navigating emergent challenges, and proactively identifying and mitigating risk.
  • Knowledge of proper installation, operation and maintenance techniques of DMX512 network and TCP/IP protocols.
  • Knowledge of proper installation, operation and maintenance techniques of a wide variety of computer-controlled lighting consoles and fixtures.
  • Knowledge of proper installation, operation and maintenance techniques of theatrical dimming systems.
  • Excellent electrical trouble-shooting skills to solve problems in the manufacture and maintenance electrical devices.
  • Excellent electrical fabrication skills to provide direction in the building of prop-electric and costume-electric pieces.
  • Proficient CAD skills to build and maintain all pertinent schematic drawings.
  • Comfortable providing leadership within the department, while also providing perspective of the needs of the institution vs. the needs of the department.
  • Must be willing and able to work flexible hours/days, including evenings and weekends, reflective of the dynamic schedule of the theater.

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