Lead Operations Representative

Phoenix, AZ

The National Service and Solutions (NS&S) organization delivers high quality client care for clients experiencing difficult life events and for complex situations involving high risks, multiple products, and unique client needs. NS&S is committed to continuous improvement of their processes and skill development for their employees.

Within NS&S, the CD/IRA team supports transactions for the Certificate of Deposit (CD) and Individual Retirement Account (IRA) products. These products are complex and highly regulated. Transactions include ownership transfer, trustee transfer, tax reporting and corrections, monetary exceptions, and account maintenance.

A Lead Operations Representative on the CD/IRA team:

  • Delivers a positive client experience based on one of the enterprise Client Care pillars – Get it Right to ensure accurate processing the first time
  • Independently manages a work queue according to deadlines and deliverables dictated by service level agreement timelines, taxing authority deadlines, or business procedures
  • Determines if each request is valid and identifies the process needed to fulfill the request
  • Makes reasonable decisions about how to fulfill requests based on balancing the request of the customer with bank guidelines that maximize client satisfaction while minimizing bank risks and penalties
  • Executes the intricate process to fulfill the request using multiple systems and correcting for out of balance and out of compliance scenarios as directed by the product or by regulations governing the product transactions
  • Accurately documents activity and responds to partners using proper business formats and grammar/spelling/punctuation
  • As each team member gains expertise, team members assist each other with challenging scenarios, conduct procedure reviews, may provide information for project teams and other activities as requested

Required Skills and Knowledge:

  • Ability to analyze different types of information from various sources and synthesize it towards making a reasoned judgment (Critical Thinking)
  • Ability to perceive and process numbers and related symbols to perform basic arithmetic operations relevant to account reconciliation and balancing. This includes working with general ledgers and account level transactions (Numerical Ability)
  • Ability to draw accurate conclusions based on a highly detailed comparative analysis of information in the account and information reference sources that detail applicable laws, rules, and regulations
  • Ability to achieve thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task. and present work outcomes in a clear, complete, and precise fashion. (Attention to Detail)
  • Interpersonal verbal communication skills that build rapport and trust, deliver information in an easy to understand manner, and clearly articulate why a solution is the best course of action
  • Interpersonal written communication skills to accurately document activity and communicate with partners in proper business writing
  • Seeks opportunities to improve depth/breadth of knowledge and personal performance (Desire to learn, Growth Mindset)
  • Ability to leverage multiple software applications to execute an intricate process in a deadline driven working environment.
  • Ability to remain current with iterative software and process updates
  • Ability and willingness to help teammates and collaborate on complex transactions
  • Basic understanding of how certificates of deposit (CDs) and individual retirement accounts (IRA) are beneficial to a client and serve as part of a financial strategy

Desired Skills and Knowledge:

  • Deep understanding of CD and IRA including tax benefits and penalties that can occur with the various details of a product
  • Proficiency with MS Outlook, Skype, Word, and Excel
  • Experience running macros in MS Excel
  • High level understanding of the use of general ledgers
  • Experience with Bank systems: Content Navigator, ImageView, BOLT, PIX, Savings Time (ST), DISC, LINX, eLedger, and various screens in 3270


1st shift (United States of America)

Hours Per Week: 


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