Internal Communications Manager

Clearwater, FL

Leads strategic direction and implementation of PODS strategic goals by communicating key messages to the organization. Responsible for delivering and streamlining all company-wide communication designed to build engagement through inspiring content, innovative and emerging media, critical need to know details and compelling storytelling. This role will lead a comprehensive array of internal communication activities that support PODS overall strategy.



  • Lead enterprise-wide communication strategy aligned with PODS Strategic Goals to ensure aligned awareness of engagement of our associates.
  • Lead all intranet communications, including the design, development and execution of daily updates and stories to drive fluid associate communication.
  • Lead internal social media strategy including two-way communication vehicles, surveys, Facebook and other avenues to keep associates connected.
  • Develop sound communications plans as well as a regular flow of other written materials including, emails, talking points, video scripts, PowerPoint presentations and intranet articles.
  • Lead all change management initiatives that require associate buy-in, engagement or actions to promote behavior change, positive customer experience or company growth.
  • Lead team of communication specialists who accomplish video creation and editing, event planning such as Town Halls, toolkits, presentation guidelines and content, templates, graphics and brand management and all written and published communication distributed across the enterprise.
  • Prioritize and streamline high volume of information to surface and spotlight the most mission-critical stories to inform, engage, and connect associates, and ultimately drive associate engagement.
  • Develops communication plans for internal HR programs that drive associate behavior change.
  • Works with key internal clients at all levels to position changes appropriately, communicate relevant information and help move audience members toward awareness, understanding and behavior goals.
  • Develops and implements new tools to drive an innovative communication experience.
  • Provides direction, oversight and implementation of development, execution and measurements of communication programs in support of organizational goals.
  • Evaluates and identifies appropriate methods, tools, vehicles, budget, measurement and implementation tactics to reach plan goals.


  • Reports to Management. Direct supervisor: VP Learning & Communications
  • Job is directly responsible for managing other associates of multiple specialty backgrounds to deliver on enterprise-wide initiatives.

Job Requirements

Education & Experience Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Public Relations, or related field required.
  • Master’s degree in Communications, Public Relations or related field preferred.
  • Minimum of 10 years of communications experience in employee and/or corporate communications in medium to large organizations.
  • Demonstrated 5+ years supervisory experience leading communication, graphics, video, intranet and social media experience.
  • Demonstrated experience in enterprise-wide strategy and communication alignment.
  • Experience in project management, audience assessment, internal client management and advanced strategic planning.
  • Must have ability to communicate effectively to all audiences, particularly senior level management,
  • Ability to lead and implement multiple initiatives, align strategic messages, ask critical and questions to ensure relevance of communications to audience members.
  • Must be a consensus builder and persuasive communicator that is quick on their feet and able to take complex stories and simplify them for the broader associate base.
  • Must lead all internal design, brand and messaging.
  • Must be high energy and resourceful, and able to work well under pressure remaining flexible and approachable in all situations.
  • Excellent time management and organization skills with the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously while leading multiple direct reports and resources to deliver on projects.

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