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We are looking for a Founder (CEO/CTO) who will launch, build and run one of our vertical SaaS companies. This will be your company to run autonomously, but we’ve built out a program to help give you the best chance of success. We provide you with a vetted business idea, pair you with a talented Co-Founder, and fund you with $1M of capital on Day 1. We’ll then give you the right guidance, playbooks and process to build the product and grow the company. You will also join an active community of entrepreneurs in our portfolio who are navigating similar challenges in other industries. 


CEO Experience

We are open to a variety of backgrounds, but generally look for business-oriented product leaders or product-oriented business leaders who have spent time operating at software companies. 


  • Demonstrated track record of success (promotions, high rankings, etc) in prior roles 
  • Software-oriented background/acumen is preferred, although not required 
  • Excellent leadership and management experience, including the ability to hire and lead world class teams
  • Expertise in product and customer orientation
  • Highly motivated and vigorous work ethic


CTO Experience  

We are looking for a technical leader who has a deep computer science and software engineering background. You have spent time building and scaling software at tech-focused companies, where you are seen as the go-to technical leader by your peers. You enjoy building and shipping best-in-class software that solves important problems for your customers. 


  • Strong software-oriented background/acumen, preferably with specific SaaS experience 
  • Demonstrated technical leadership experience
  • Experience hiring and building world-class technology teams
  • Experience with building and launching high quality products from ideation to iteration
  • BS in CS or other related field

Why work with us? 

Fractal helps abstract away or at least de-risk the critical components of your job as a founder: 

  • Business Idea: provide a thoroughly researched business idea and business model with a high likelihood of success, assuming effective execution.
  • Hiring: provide a timeline of when to hire which initial team members and help source some of those individuals through our in-house recruiting function.
  • Product Development: ensure you build the right minimum sellable product by providing guidance on how to do the correct research and workshopping the initial feature set alongside you. 
  • Financing: guarantee $1M of capital on Day 1 and provide the best chance at raising a Series A 12 months later.

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