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Environmental Compliance Specialist

Remote (Kentucky, United States)

The Gasoline Environmental Compliance Specialist   plans and manages all environmental due diligence projects to minimize and/or contain potential environmental risks and liabilities in a cost-efficient manner ensuring compliance with all local, state and federal rules and regulations. Directs and oversees the activities of Environmental consultants and contractors working on due diligence, potable water well, and stormwater projects, providing business directions and supervision of Senior Project Managers, contracted for physical assessments and remediation of 7-Eleven current and historical properties.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Conducts due diligence support for property divestments and acquisition(s) as requested by Management.
  • Provide guidance/recommendations to appropriate company managers to reduce and/or contain environmental risk.
  • Provides environmental support during the construction of new facilities, underground storage tank (UST) system removals and installations, site rebuilds, modernization upgrades and system repairs.
  • Directs and supervises Environmental Consultants environmental budgets for all due diligence projects. Reviews Remediation Plans and Work Orders submitted by Environmental consultants to ensure cost effective measures are being used. May approve Remediation Plans and work orders or send back for revisions, rework or
  • Oversees Environmental Consultants work on all due diligence projects as necessary to ensure contamination and risk has been eliminated. Meets with regulatory agency officials to negotiate/persuade/discuss formal closure of projects as
  • Provides oversight to environmental consultants who complete routine well sampling and/or testing that is required per applicable regulations as part of the Drinking Water Program and works with operations when issues arise.
  • Maintains and updates applicable plans and permits related to Federal or State requirements, including, but not limited to Groundwater Protection Plans (GPP) and hazardous material pollution control plans (HMPC) as needed.
  • Manages the Stormwater Inspection Program and coordinates required inspections/maintenance with appropriate contractors and ensures all necessary reporting is submitted.
  • Keeps abreast of and ensures compliance with applicable Federal, State and local regulations and requirements, including, but not limited to, UST programs, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Clean Air Act, Department of Health related to the operation of UST and dispensing systems, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), SARA Title III, Tier 2, Clean Water Act and Cathodic Protection
  • Works independently and must prioritize multiple tasks in a constantly changing environment.
  • Attends and presents data at meetings as needed
  • Completes other duties, including special projects, as assigned by Management

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Bachelors/4 Yr Degree Experience
  • 6 Years relevant work experience 

Additional Skills that will make you successful:


  • Position requires writing, modifying or understanding text to communicate moderately complex information, which requires using precise language to avoid misunderstanding. Examples include Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Reports, Phase II Site Investigation Reports, various technical reports, including abatement, site characteristic and corrective measures reports.
  • Position requires skill in using personal computer software to generate letters, spreadsheets and/or
  • Demonstrated expertise with Word, Excel, and other MS Office suite applications.
  • Position requires original and innovative thinking in developing methods, procedures or products for moderately complex issues. Examples include determining the most cost-effective remedial technology to use for compliance with regulations and assisting with the approval of annual units cost structure. Results of innovation may affect remediation
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to research and resolve issues.
  • Knowledge of Federal, State and local environmental rules and regulations.
  • Position requires contacts with representatives from Corporate Communication, Legal, Real Estate, Construction, Facilities, Procurement, Store Operations and other upper management personal, where resolution of conflict, persuasion or negotiation is required.
  • Work from home and 25% travel within territory required. 

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