Director, User Experience

Remote (United States)

About you

  • You’re excited to solve hard problems that come with scale and complexity
  • You’re eager to bring your previous experience and lessons learned to a new challenge
  • You’re motivated by the impact your team’s work has on the people using it
  • You value continuous learning and growth through reflection and action

About this role

We’re looking for an innovative, systems-minded design leader to evolve our Canvas design system. Our customers love HubSpot because it’s a crafted product experience that’s easy to use, and Canvas makes up the building blocks of everything we design.

In this challenging role, you’ll:

  • Own and drive the vision, strategy, and impact of Canvas and how it can best support a growing organization of over 2,400 product managers, UXers, and engineers working on our product.
  • Lead, develop, and grow our remarkable Design System team to deliver more customer value quickly through consistency, efficiency, and reuse.
  • Partner closely with Engineering, UX, Product, and Brand Marketing leaders to make long-term, meaningful investments to scale the impact of this system as we continue to grow our team, product offerings, and customer base.

We value leaders who can thrive in ambiguity, bring clarity and alignment to teams, and drive meaningful results for our customers and business.

What types of problems will you work on?

  • Our product has evolved from being a marketing tool into a full platform for any company’s front office, including marketing, sales, service, operations, and more. Evolving our design system to support this evolution at scale is key to our overall product strategy and success.
  • Ease of use is a core reason our customers choose us. We strive to make consumer-grade business software that feels innovative and approachable. Our product development philosophy emphasizes a crafted, connected experience over a cobbled, complex one. Our design system, coupled with the way we design and build, deeply impacts our customers’ experiences with our product.
  • Our product teams have rapidly scaled. We’re all leaning into a new hybrid working model. It’s more important than ever for our design system to preserve team autonomy and speed while ensuring a cohesive, connected experience for our customers. 
  • Our design system team needs to be opinionated and make hard decisions and thoughtful tradeoffs with visibility and rigor to help teams deliver the best experiences quickly. Finding the right model for governance, collaboration, and contribution will ensure adoption and adherence to the system.

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Has built and managed a high performing, inclusive, and diverse Design System team
  • Has a demonstrable track record of crafting and successfully executing against a Design System strategy with measurable impact
  • Has experience scaling a UX organization through Design Systems
  • Has created structure through approachable frameworks to address the balance between complexity, usability, and speed
  • Has leveraged service design practices to identify and drive process efficiencies while introducing effective governance and contribution models
  • Can think big, but can also easily prioritize and break things into meaningful milestones
  • Can drive results and makes things happen by setting the tone for a strong sense of ownership
  • Cares about the right details with deep design and UI expertise to hold a high quality and accessibility bar
  • Starts by getting curious and wants to understand how things work, how things get built, and how things get done
  • Understands software product architecture and can effectively partner with engineering to deliver real tools and results
  • Treats stakeholders like customers and the design system like a product, identifying problems and root causes, managing priorities and expectations, providing solutions, and measuring success

About UX at HubSpot

Our UX team is a passionate and diverse group of more than 250 product designers, content designers, researchers, and design ops folks who build consumer-grade experiences while solving enterprise-level problems. We’re set up to work as equal partners to our peers in product management and engineering. And we design and deliver a crafted experience to our customers by setting a high bar on ease of use. We’re investing deeply in building whole and healthy UX teams across all of our disciplines so we can better solve problems for our customers.

We involve our customers in every step of our development process. And we strive to deliver a B2B product that’s just as easy to use as the best B2C products on the market. When our customers grow, we grow, too!

Want to know more about HubSpot’s design system?

One more thing you should know…

There’s a lot of research showing how marginalized groups of people may not apply for jobs unless they meet 100% (or more!) of the qualifications. We also know that many UX folks come from backgrounds with different experiences that might not seem “standard”—and that’s okay! We really value people who bring unique perspectives and add new knowledge to our team.

But you might not feel like you “check all the boxes” as you read this job post. We get it. And we feel these things ourselves, too. But we hope you’ll apply anyway because we’ll take great care in working with you. 🧡

Cash compensation range: 236000-377600 USD Annually

This resource will help guide how we recommend thinking about the range you see. Learn more about HubSpot’s compensation philosophy from Katie Burke, HubSpot’s Chief People Officer.

The cash compensation above includes base salary, on-target commission for employees in eligible roles, and annual bonus targets under HubSpot’s bonus plan for eligible roles. In addition to cash compensation, all HubSpotters are eligible to participate in HubSpot’s equity plan to receive restricted stock units (RSUs). Some roles may also be eligible for overtime pay. Individual compensation packages are based on a few different factors unique to each candidate, including their skills, experience, qualifications and other job-related reasons.

We know that benefits are also an important piece of your total compensation package. To learn more about what’s included in total compensation, check out some of the benefits and perks HubSpot offers to help employees grow better.

At HubSpot, fair compensation practices isn’t just about checking off the box for legal compliance. It’s about living out our value of transparency with our employees, candidates, and community.

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