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Director of Sales

Dubuque, IA

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Generate advertising, marketing, and audience revenue, through all TH Media products, to meet the objectives/goals of the annual operating plan, while operating within the approved expense budgets.
  • Responsible for the planning/budgeting process for TH Media Advertising, Marketing, Audience Development, and Distribution revenue and expense budgets.
  • Manage systems, data, reporting, and processes for TH Media Advertising, Marketing, Audience Development and Distribution.
  • Hire, train, develop and evaluate THM Advertising Manager, THM/WCM Marketing Manager, THM/WCM Audience Development Manager, THM/WCM Distribution Operations Manager. 
  • Develop, present and monitor sales efforts, sales contests, programs and incentives for TH Media Advertising, Marketing, and Audience Development staff.
  • Accompany TH Media Account Executives on sales calls on regular basis.
  • Provide coaching for TH Media Advertising, Marketing, Audience Development and Distribution employee-owners and involve them in setting and achieving goals consistent with departmental/operating unit objectives.
  • Work with THM/WCM Managers to plan and provide sales and product training.
  • In conjunction with TH Media Publisher & VP of WCM, WCM General Managers, and WCM Sales Managers, plan and coordinate revenue strategies for weekly locations.
  • Plan, coordinate, and schedule regular revenue generating planning meetings with WCM General Managers and Sales Managers. 
  • Work closely with WCM General Managers and Sales Managers to meet the objectives/goals of the annual WCM operating plan. 
  • Work closely with WCM General Managers, Sales Managers, and THM Advertising Manager to develop and implement strategies to grow advertising revenue.
  • Work closely with WCM General Managers, Sales Managers, and TH Media Marketing Manager to provide coordination and revenue growth of events, trips, and books.
  • Work closely with WCM General Managers, Managers, and TH Media Audience Development Manager to develop and implement strategies to grow digital and print subscriptions and revenue.
  • Travel to WCM locations to provide sales support as needed.
  • Provide timely recognition of trends in the market in order to maximize gains and/or minimize losses resulting from such trends.
  • Develop and promote ESOP culture and core values throughout department.
  • Ensure that all advertising is published in accordance with the company’s established rates, contracts, policies, standards of acceptance, federal, state and local laws.
  • Ensure compliance with all workforce and contractor laws.
  • Coordinate collection of past due accounts with corporate credit manager with final responsibility for bad debt ratio for department.
  • Maintain a customer first environment with pro-active commitment to internal and external customer service.
  • Positively represent the company in the business community and be in tune with current trends. Attend networking events and activities.
  • Network with industry related peers and identify opportunities as necessary.
  • Participate in company committees as requested.
  • Participate in the Great Game of Business.
  • Other job-related duties as assigned.


Behavior: Project a leadership image that is conducive to employee development, trust and responsible management. Demonstrate, by attitude and action, a firm commitment to the development of employee-owners. Assertive, self-motivated, resourceful, open and communicative. Accepting of new ideas and concepts. Personal and social behavior to effectively represent the company among the public. Preserves confidentiality. Commitment to customer service. Commitment to personal growth and development. Maintains valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.

Skills: Strong sales and sales management skills with proven record of success. Problem solving and analytical skills; logical and creative; business acumen; strategic thinking; results driven; ability to listen and interpret verbal and non-verbal language. Above average communication skills; understands sales process and how to handle objections. Ability to perform within time constraints and meet deadlines. Able to assume responsibility with little supervision. Ability to manage multiple projects/locations. Proficient in computer skills and understanding of business-related software applications. 

Knowledge: College degree or equivalent successful career track with minimum of five years in advertising, marketing, distribution, or business-related field. Management experience with department responsibilities preferred. A record of continuing education through participation in workshops, seminars and other educational opportunities.

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