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Director of Engineering


This role is a pivotal part of where Loop is growing over the next few years. As we look to scale our business to the next level, our infrastructure, platforms and underlying structures need a deft and decisive hand to guide and lead our teams. 

Right away, we’ve listed what we think you’ll be spending your time on. We’re growing fast, and growth means the challenges we’ll work on together will change as we lead Loop through new and different phases.

This is an indispensable role with us, so we’ll be looking for you to have examples of when you’ve tackled these challenges throughout your career. We’ve laid out the experience we think is important to set you up for success in this role. But, we appreciate that different humans will solve problems in different ways, so we don’t expect you to fit exactly in a box of requirements.

Loop HQ is a state-of-the-art office located in Columbus, Ohio, and more than half of our team works remotely across the United States and Canada. You can choose to join us in the Columbus office or stay fully remote in this role.

What You’ll Do: 

  • You’ll join an existing (and awesome!) team, who you’ll enable to grow and operate more effectively through planning, reporting, systems and processes.
  • We understand there are many types of leaders in Engineering. You will lead and manage our Platform, and DevOps teams.
  • You’ll drive the success of these teams, including creating tools and capabilities that allow for speed in deployment, while promoting a high level of success and reliability.
  • Understand Loop’s strategic priorities and business questions where engineering guidance is needed. You’ll develop project plans to tackle key questions and provide direction and guidance based on your engineering knowledge, enabling Loop to hit short and long term goals.
  • Oversee the adoption and utilization of our infrastructure tools. We’re currently using AWS, Docker, Terraform, Kubernetes, CircleCI, ArgoCD, Datadog, Pagerduty, Aurora, DynamoDB, Lambdas and we are a PHP/Node app dev shop.
  • Manage our environments and infrastructure for reliability, performance, and scale.
  • Collaborate closely with Loop’s product teams to reduce friction in the build, test, and deploy processes, and drive speed to market through platform, tooling and architecture changes. 
  • Work directly with external stakeholders and customers as it pertains to platform performance, security and compliance concerns and increase confidence during the sales process (minimal, only as required with enterprise merchants). 
  • Work closely with our budding data platform team to create the ability for Loop to better leverage data at scale both for leaning and growth of the business, but also as embedded augmentation to our products and services. 
  • Drive continuous improvement with our external stakeholders (leaders of our merchants) and internal stakeholders (Engineering, Product, Sales, etc.)
  • Lead and manage for scale, elasticity, resilience, and security for the entire Loop organization.
  • Initiate innovative efforts to mature our tools, systems, and processes to promote scalability.
  • You can appreciate the balance between collaboration, consensus, and empathy, yet understand that sometimes there needs to be a bias for action based decision making that you must align yourself with.
  • Elevate the culture at Loop by demonstrating behaviors that align with our core values.

Your Experience:

  • You have 7+ years of experience in Engineering, Infrastructure, DevOps, or other engineering related roles.
  • 5+ years of your career has involved leading teams and managing people in the Engineering space.
  • If you’ve worked in e-commerce, that is a huge plus for us.
  • You’ve worked at a startup company (or a few) and know what it means to make it through various stages of rapid growth.
  • You’re a champion of Infrastructure and Platform Engineering, and can share some examples with us of how you’ve driven key business results by enabling engineering teams in your organization.
  • Experience with high scale transactional systems, and can speak on event-driven architecture, deep integration experience, and multi-tenant applications. You have clear examples of experience owning event architecture and serverless microservice architecture.
  • You enjoy breaking down monolithic applications into microservices.
  • Experience with AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, CircleCI, Aurora, DynamoDB, ArgoCD, Datadog, and Pagerduty. 
  • You’ll bring in expertise around High Availability and Disaster Recovery patterns, and can speak to how you’ve provided solutions around this.
  • You have mastered Data Pipeline Management and have examples of how you’ve partnered with Data Teams to accomplish this.
  • Experience with or leading teams who prioritize Security Management, understanding how to identify security threats and vulnerabilities within an organization, to keep systems reliable.

More About You: 

  • You have a history of making your role better than you found it by proactively seeking coaching, and creating and continuously improving expectations, processes, and supporting content.
  • You lean in to continuous improvement and an agile environment - experiment, measure, reflect, and iterate.
  • You have examples of having crucial conversations, such as giving feedback to a boss, customer or peer, admitting a mistake with humility and vulnerability.
  • You can speak to the times you left things better than you found them, and negotiated with your team and stakeholders over doing things differently and how it helped.
  • You have examples of times when a team decision didn’t go the way you wanted, but you still were able to fully commit to the direction and drive progress.

$196,800 - $295,200 a year

We know that making decisions about your career and compensation is a huge deal. Because of that, we’re incredibly thoughtful about our compensation strategy. We want you to feel safe and excited, but also comfortable with the compensation package of a startup. We’ve outlined some important information for you here, but please know there’s a lot more to compensation than we can cover in this job posting.

The posted salary range is the base salary for this opportunity. The salary range is subject to change, and may be adjusted in the future.

The actual annual salary paid for this position will be based on several factors, including, but not limited to: your prior experience and skills related to the position, geographic location, company needs, current market demands, and your total compensation goals. 

This position is also eligible for an annual performance bonus expected to be 15% of your base salary.

Great humans deserve great benefits! At Loop, you’ll be eligible for benefits such as: medical, dental, and vision insurance, flexible PTO, company holidays, sick & safe leave, parental leave, 401k, monthly wellness benefit, home workstation benefit, phone/internet benefit, and equity.

In a perfect world, Loop wouldn't exist. If we had our way, we'd live in a world where we're mindful about how we consume, we love every product we own, and we share values with the brands who create them. In reality, commerce isn't perfect and often breaks. Loop creates second chances.

We're starting by revolutionizing the post-purchase experience. We've taken one of the most fragile commerce interactions - returns - and turned it into something consumers actually love, and that deepens our connection to brands and products.

We take connection seriously on the inside, too. We're building a work experience that allows you to Be A Human First and prioritizes empathy and wellbeing. We view Loop as a special place in your career to shape the future of an industry and become a better person while doing it. You can grow faster here in a shorter amount of time - we'll give you space and trust you to fill it.

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