Design & Print Specialist

Richland Center, WI

Overall Responsibilities:

  • Composing: Works with other employee owners to oversee the completion of printing jobs, from design to finishing work, within deadlines for both in-house and outside clients.
  • Technology Maintenance: Understands how the computer system functions as well as the software used.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Understands the proper way to use all press room equipment, as well as facilitating any repair/maintenance work needed.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Professionally design a wide variety of printed products as ordered by clients.
  • Operate digital printers to completely print jobs.
  • Create and manipulate artwork.
  • Utilizes folder, stitcher, cutter, punch, collator, and padding presses etc., in order to finish printed jobs.
  • Download and manipulate photos from digital cameras and internet.
  • Communicate effectively with customers as needed via email, phone and in person.
  • Ensure all projects are completed within assigned deadlines.
  • Prioritize work according to deadlines.
  • Accurately fill out all print job tickets to ensure proper pricing.
  • Complete job price quotes and final pricing as requested and/or needed.
  • Maintain current and complete electronic archival artwork files, and purge files when appropriate.
  • Maintain on-hand inventory levels of stock and order as needed.
  • Maintains printing and finishing equipment in order to keep them in proper working condition.
  • Request equipment repair and maintenance work as needed.
  • Facilitate delivery of finished product to clients as requested.
  • Suggest and initiate, as appropriate, new methods and procedures to enhance efficiency and cost effectiveness of the department.
  • Assist with front counter and telephone calls as needed, including sending faxes, making copies, taking ad copy, etc.
  • Work with sales and other departments in helping them achieve their goals and objectives, utilizing interactive skills to assist on projects, as well as suggesting and initiating ideas for method and procedure improvements to enhance efficient operation.
  • Maintain a “customer comes first” environment with proactive commitment to internal and external customer service.
  • Participate in the Great Game of Business.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Behavior:   Self-motivated and resourceful. Shows enthusiasm for the business and industry. Able to work well under pressure. Consistent calm manner with others. Conducts self in a manner that enhances the public image of the company. Willing to accept guidance and constructive criticism.

Skills:   Ability to operate PC computers and all programs. Ability to perform all procedures necessary for software usage and an understanding of hardware capabilities and limitations. Ability to run digital printers and safely use all finishing equipment. Ability to identify problems and troubleshoot.

Knowledge:  Two years college/technical education in related field or equivalent work experience with knowledge and training in computer programs/operations, proofreading, design and layout.

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