Customer Service Representative

Denver, CO

This role reports to the store’s Assistant General Manager (AGM). The Customer Service Representative (CSR) will be on the floor to ensure the best customer service is delivered. 

Essential Functions: 

  • Provide the highest level of customer service to vendors, customers, and caregivers. Strive to deliver a distinctive and delightful customer experience, including interpersonal habits and Company’s service traits.  
  • Be a positive influence and cheerleader to all sales floor employees and customers. 
  • Respond professionally to phone, emails, and posts from customers. 
  • Understand Flowhub and METRC to efficiently answer customer questions. 
  • Respond to customer compliments and complaints immediately and always as a professional representative of the Company. Work with management to resolve customer complaints. 
  • Protect patient rights by overseeing the employee HIPAA policies and ensure each employee is maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of protected health information and financial information. 
  • Ensure compliance with all Corporate policies, local and state standards. 
  • Work with management to set sales, customers service improvements, and profit goals and help lead staff to exceed them. 
  • Help management maintain payroll budget by monitoring number of employees needed compared to customer flow. Ensure management makes appropriate changes to accommodate, in a timely manner. 
  • Organize workflow by controlling employee breaks per state laws, coverage of registers compared to customer flow, and movement of customers. Fill in as Budtender, only when necessary. 
  • Monitor any staff conflicts or inadequacies and report to management immediately. 
  • Identify areas of improvement in the operation of the store. 
  • Ensure proper organization and cleanliness of the store. 
  • Maintain all Company merchandising design standards and eye-catching display presentations. 
  • Update online menus daily to ensure correct inventory on hand. 
  • Audit medical member files 
  • Verify EPC (Extended Plant Count) are assigned to our license number.  
  • Participate in the Company and on-the-job trainings to improve skills, productivity, and promotion candidacy. Train Budtenders excellent customer service skills. 
  • Serve as a liaison to the local community by assisting management in planning and attending community events. 
  • Must be able to cover as Acting Manager when AGM/GM are not available (see Acting Manager responsibilities). ; 
  • Assist Budtenders with sales transactions when customer volume is high 
  • Sucessfully complete opening and closing duties 
  • Other duties as assigned by management. 

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