Customer Experience Specialist

Sunrise, FL

At Rebag, our Customer Experience Specialists deliver a memorable educational, immersive, and exciting experience to all of our current and future clients. They are our brand ambassadors of Rebag's C.L.A.I.R. technology suite, supporting our values to be a best-in-class luxury resale business by creating memorable experiences for our clients.

As a Client Experience Specialist, you will support customers from the moment they walk into our boutiques to learn about Rebag and the value of their one-loved items. Rebag is a leading force that powers the resale industry with the most innovative technology ever created, and you will help deliver an equally innovative store experience.

Role Description:

  • Engage clients warmly, promptly & personally, and with the goal of opening the conversation and ensuring they feel welcome
  • Understand who our guests are, what brought them to Rebag, and their passion for luxury items, thus creating a comprehensive customer profile
  • Educate and excite guests by answering their questions and providing a tailored experience based on their interests and ownership of luxury goods
  • Help Rebag build Familiarity, Comfort, and Trust by collecting customer contact information and scheduling appointments for individuals who exhibit ownership of luxury items or are looking for their first must-have luxury piece.
  • Provide the highest level of customer service to all current and future clients
  • Follow-up with customers through Rebag's CRM platform to build rapport
  • Consult on the current market value of their items by utilizing Rebag's Clair Technology Suite
  • Consistently aim for achieving sales target monthly


  • Customer minded individual who can engage with Professionalism, Power, Pleasure and Performance
  • Relatable and conversationalist not afraid of getting to new faces
  • Passion for Fashion and Sustainability
  • Tech Savy
  • Demonstrate a mastery of all Rebag tools and services. Keep up with resale industry trends and incentives
  • Ability to work week evenings and weekends
  • Reliable and a team player
  • Self-starter who likes to enjoy a new challenge
  • Ambitious and willing to achieve goals set forth and wanting to be best-in-class at all things you set your mind to
  • Able to present a case study on the industry and what makes Rebag a leader in the Industry

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