Cultivation Technician

The Cultivation Technician is responsible for the overall maintenance of the vegetation cycle of all sustainable plants within the facility.


Starting pay: $16.00


Plant maintenance in veg cycle:

  • Topping plants
  • Bottoming plants
  • Transplanting
  • Mixing soil
  • Scouting for disease or potential insects
  • Training plants


  • Move plants from veg to flower
  • Stick irrigation emitters into plants
  • Lay trellis netting and work plants into place
  • Defoliate and prune plants


  • Prepare room for harvest
  • Harvest/ take down plants
  • Defoliate and break plants into smaller pieces
  • Hang plants on dry rack
  • Clean both dry and flower rooms in between harvests


  • Sweeping, mopping and all other required cleaning
  • Cleaning of the plant housing devices
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the plant tables
  • Maintenance of the plant pots
  • Reporting any issues to management to ensure a timely fix


  • Previous experience working with plants, plant disease and pests is desired
  • Strong work ethic with flexibility to work days, nights, weekends and holidays
  • Proven ability to maintain consistency in a fast paced, hard working, high-stress environment
  • High attention to detail with ability to scout for disease and pests is required
  • Ability to work in ever changing physical conditions
  • Must possess a can-do attitude and be able to work with a team
  • Must be able to obtain required licensing at time of hire and submit personal information for licensing and fingerprinting
  • Must be 21 years of age or older

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