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Cultivation Data Entry Coordinator

Delta, BC

Rubicon Organics’ mission is to grow the best cannabis on Earth and for the Earth and today we are doing just that out of our state-of-the art greenhouse facility located in Delta, B.C. We are growing and expanding quickly while on our journey to achieving our vision to be the global brand leader in organic cannabis. Innovation is at the heart of our strategy for growth as we bring a range of new and exciting products to market.  

We are looking for a Cultivation Data Entry Coordinator to support our cultivation team with data entry and migration support. This role will be instrumental in transitioning from our current software to our new ERP system. The successful candidate will oversee the analysis, preparation, migration, and validation of cultivation data to ensure a smooth and precise transition. A deep understanding of data analysis, migration techniques, and ERP conversion is essential. 


  • Data Analysis & Planning: 
  • Work closely with the cultivation team to understand, map, and document current data structures. 
  • Detect gaps, inconsistencies, or anomalies within existing data sets. 
  • Design a thorough migration plan detailing sequences, dependencies, and potential contingencies. 
  • Data Preparation: 
  • Cleanse, format, and standardize data for ERP compatibility. 
  • Develop and utilize data validation rules to ensure accuracy and completeness. 
  • Data Migration: 
  • Apply migration tools or scripts for extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) of data. 
  • Implement migration plan in stages, ensuring minimal disruption to daily tasks. 
  • Engage with ERP vendors or internal IT teams to address technical migration challenges. 
  • Validation & Quality Assurance: 
  • Conduct post-migration data checks to verify the integrity and accuracy of migrated data. 
  • Troubleshoot and address issues resulting from migration. 
  • Provide timely updates to stakeholders and address arising concerns. 
  • Training & Support: 
  • Assist the cultivation team in adapting to the ERP system, offering training as necessary. 
  • Document migration procedures and encountered challenges for reference. 


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or a related field. 
  • Minimum of 3 years experience in data analysis and migration. 
  • Demonstrable experience with ERP conversion initiatives. 
  • Knowledge of cultivation or agricultural data is an asset. 
  • Proficiency in data migration tools and ETL practices. 
  • Exceptional analytical and troubleshooting skills. 
  • Able to work independently and manages tasks effectively. 
  • Ensures data integrity, reliability and precision. 
  • Integrates and communicates well with multi-disciplinary teams. 
  • Explains technical topics clearly to non-technical team members. 

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