Creative & Interactive Assistant

Appleton, WI

Overall Responsibilities:

  • Execute workflow responsibilities relative to the flow of advertising material and information from sales department, marketing/promotions/digital department to production and back again.
  • Actively participate in the Great Game of Business philosophies to ensure the success of the broadcast division.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Assist in developing compelling advertising/promotional copy and campaigns.
  • Maintain cart/copy sheet on a daily basis in standard process.
  • Assist in Audio/Video production when needed. Assist in writing ad copy from instructions provided by sales staff. Assign and delegate production to the brand talent.
  • Schedule production studio time and assist clients when recording their own ads.
  • Produce and/or voice ads, as necessary. Be sure that all ads are FCC/NAB compliant.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Behavior: Must be a self-starter, display customer first attitude, exhibit good interdepartmental skills, present a positive image with clients, appropriate appearance, communicate confidence in ability to perform job, flexibility, good at problem solving, etc. Good with a variety of personalities.

Skills: Ability to organize and maintain continuity flow, typing, able to interact and achieve agreement under stress, diplomacy skills, analytical and problem-solving skills, troubleshooting, production skills, good written and verbal communications skills, knowledge of basic software programs.

Knowledge: One year college, business school or special training or equivalent in experience. Proficient in audio/video production and display skills in creative writing.

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