Corporate Video Creator

Burnaby, BC

Fortinet Corporate Video Creators develop creative, visually engaging videos to support our customers, partners and sales in; understanding, troubleshooting and communicating our industry leading products in clear, easy to understand reference videos with visual flair. 

Keeping up with current best practices in motion graphics, our creatives find the most efficient and innovative ways to visually explain complex network security concepts. 

Candidates should be self-driven and self-sufficient taking a video from planning to completion, and should possess the following required skills: 

  • Experience in full-cycle video development process. 
  • Proficiency in editing tools such as Adobe Premiere. 
  • Good understanding of animation concepts. 
  • Extensive experience in motion graphics using Adobe After Effects.
  • Ability to independently research networking products and derive step by step instructional video 
  • Articulate and ability to communicate effectively.
  • Clear speaking voice for the purpose of recording.
  • Organized and detail oriented .
  • Good problem solving skills. 



  • Some knowledge of Networking and/or Security Products is a plus.
  • Some experience in an education industry would be an asset.

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