SoulCycle Inc.

New York, NY

SoulCycle was built on disruption and innovation. In 2006, we had a vision to create a workout that's as efficient as it is joyful – an experience that brings people together while pushing our community members to to discover and re-discover their best selves. The experience is inspiring. It's meaningful. It's fun.

SoulCycle is so much more than a 45-minute indoor cycling workout — it’s always been about more than a bike. We provide a sanctuary for our riders to lose themselves in the movement and music. Our one-of-a-kind, world-class instructors guide our community through a powerful, fun and transformative fitness experience that’s designed to benefit the body, mind and soul, both on and off the bike. Set to high-energy music in a dark, candle-lit room, we move in unison to the beat and follow the signature choreography of our instructors. The Soul experience doesn’t end when the music stops.

SoulCycle is grounded in hospitality and honest, human connections are at the core of who we are. As our fast-growing company evolves and expands, we remain as committed to nurturing the health and happiness of each employee as we are to each member of our community. We lift each other up, celebrate people for who they are and bring people together. We are a workout to some, a community to most and a safe harbor for all.

From our studios to our headquarters, we are a collaborative, fast-paced, and engaging place to work. And it’s vital to our success to continue to take risks and think big. It's what our community has come to expect from us and it's what they fell in love with when we launched. That takes tons of hustle, creativity, and boldness.

Our staff pushes themselves – and each other – to explore and to evolve and to bring more Soul to more people. SoulCycle’s continued success begins with each employee: their hospitality, their voice, their coaching, their creativity, their smart solutions, their energy, their spirit and their power.