Popcorn Growth

Fully Remote

Popcorn Growth is a startup marketing agency disrupting the traditional marketing agency model! And, we are all about TikTok! www.popcorngrowth.com 

1.     Disrupting the traditional marketing agency model

The traditional marketing agency model is outdated—fraught with inefficiencies and outdated processes. The time is ripe for disruption! Popcorn Growth is a startup working hard to transform the way smart marketers work.

2.     TikTok-first agency

As a young company, we leverage the stupendous growth of TikTok, and firmly create a strong positioning as a TikTok-first marketing agency, with a focus on working with creators to make TikTok native content for brand marketing.

Most traditional agencies are doing TikTok wrong, as they apply Instagram and Youtube playbooks to TikTok. Popcorn Growth is a thought leader that is applying TikTok-native strategies on TikTok. We take a long-term view to work with clients to drive sustainable success on the hottest platform in the world now!

We are making quick strides to establish ourselves as the leading agency in the world of TikTok. In two short years, we have been nominated for multiple Webby Awards, standing head to head with big and established agencies and media networks. Our revenue has grown from USD100K in the first year to more than USD1M in the second year, and set to grow another 10x this year.  

3.     Applying data and technology

With the use of data science and technology, we take over the entire process from discovery to negotiation to activation, so that brands can have hundreds of influencers talking about them in a just a few months.

We’re here to give smart growth marketers superpowers to fully harness the power of word of mouth, enable them to 10X their social engagement without wasting precious time and effort.


Why join us?

  • Young and rapidly growing—> means you get lots of ownership and room to influence our startup’s direction AND grow with us!
  • Inclusive culture→ We are founded by minority females with a goal to empower today’s creators. We pride ourselves in ensuring ALL our TikTok campaigns have diverse representation. You can find our more about our work here: https://www.popcorngrowth.com/diversity
  • Because, TikTok! → need we say more??