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About Neumora

Brain diseases collectively represent one of the greatest challenges of our generation, affecting upwards of 1.5 billion people. However, treatments for many of the most prevalent brain disorders have been dominated by a single class of drugs, such as serotonin targeting antidepressants for MDD, leaving patients with a high degree of unmet medical need given the lack of diverse treatment options and mechanisms of action.

We are taking a fundamentally different approach to the way treatments for brain diseases are developed. Our pipeline is comprised of programs pursuing therapeutically relevant targets implicated in Central Nervous System (CNS) diseases, each targeting a novel mechanism of action with best-in-class pharmacology. Our work is supported by our Precision Toolbox, which integrates a suite of translational, clinical, and computational tools to generate insights that can enable precision medicine approaches.

Neumora is relentless in its commitment to discovering, developing and commercializing novel therapies for the 1.5 billion people living with brain diseases.

Watertown, Massachusetts, United States