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About Jeeter

It was all a dream.

DreamFields was created as an outlet to pursue the dream of putting our love for cannabis to work. We made that dream a reality, and it now serves as a beacon of positivity and innovation stemming from the impact legalized cannabis has on the world. DreamFields is the culmination of hard work, perseverance and passion.

Our DreamFields headquarters operates out of one of the largest licensed cannabis facilities in Southern California. We’re the largest employer in Desert Hot Springs, and proud to provide our exceptional team with full-time and stable employment inclusive of many benefits and perks. Our operation is focused on providing customers with an unforgettable experience through the Jeeter product line.

What first started out as a code word for “joint” among friends has now become synonymous with the #1 preroll brand in the world. Jeeter has taken the cannabis industry by storm and dominated the coveted California preroll market. You can find Jeeter products in dispensaries all across California, and soon in every recreationally legalized state. With limited edition strains, apparel capsules, and unique collaborations, we continue to expand on our brand’s ever growing dominance in the cannabis industry.

Desert Hot Springs, California, United States