Hero Cosmetics

New York, New York, United States

We started Hero Cosmetics with one goal — to create solutions-oriented products that can be a "hero"​ product when your skin is in a pinch. Our approach is simple — be mindful of the ingredients we use and avoid ingredients like parabens, alcohol and sulfates, be gentle on the skin (harsh ingredients are so 90's), and ensure quality with everything we develop. We are a NYC-based company and we invite you to share our entrepreneurial journey with us.

Hero Cosmetics is the maker of the Mighty Patch, which we call your blemish hero. We know that pimples and blemishes always show up at the worst time - before a date or an interview or just about any time you need to show your face in public. That's why we created MIGHTY PATCH™, a new way to battle those pesky blemishes without harsh chemicals or drying formulas that can show results overnight.