Giordana Cycling

Charlotte North Carolina

We are a family business with proud Italian heritage that is central to our core values and culture.

We are driven by the belief that there will always be something new around the next corner. Something exciting beyond the next climb.

Our goal is to empower every rider to reach new heights. This is the drive that pushes us to create something different. Something better. Something no one has experienced before.

Our founder was born not far from the town where our factory is today. The fully-owned and operated purpose-built facility allows us to maintain our strictest standards of quality and consistency.

Furthermore, our production exceeds the EU’s requirements for green practices.

When you wear Giordana, you know that not only are you riding in pro-level premium materials, but that they are dyed with gentle water-based inks. Excess fabric cuttings and printing paper are recycled. Skylights provide light to reduce electric consumption. We believe in doing things the right way– both for our customers and our planet.