D.R. Horton

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About D.R. Horton

America's Builder sounds like a lofty title, but it's a goal we work toward every single day.

It started in 1978 in Fort Worth, Texas. Don Horton struck a deal to build his first home with only $3,000 and an empty lot to his name. His confidence and commitment to the buyer grew the company where it is today. D.R. Horton is now the number one homebuilder in America and has been since 2002.

D.R. Horton is now a Fortune 500 company that sells homes in 90 markets across 29 states. Our company continues to grow across America through acquisitions and expanding market share. Through all this, our founding vision hasn't changed.

We believe in homeownership for everyone. Our brands, D.R. Horton, Express, Emerald, and Freedom, grow with you. And if you're not looking to buy just yet? You're still on our mind. We know that it's important to rent from a trusted builder, so we offer apartments, condos, and casitas through DHI Communities.

Who better to help with the rest of your home buying journey? Our financial services DHI Mortgage, DHI Title, and D.R. Horton Insurance get you into your dream home and protect it for the future.

Our values influence our business.

If you have good people, good things happen.

We rely on our community. Our real estate partners, our vendors, financial partners, and our Horton family work together for our homebuyer.

Quality homes can still be affordable.

A home is an investment in your future. We build homes that fit into every budget without cutting corners.

Get people into a new home and take care of them from there.

People, homes, communities. This is the foundation of our company. We believe in homeownership for everyone – a home for every stage in life. From your first home to the home you retire in, we want to build it for you.

Arlington, TX