Sacramento, California, United States

Having completed ten years of operation, Ascent continues to look ahead to "What's Next?" We keep aspiring to be better. We seek to go beyond convention.

As we continue to grow, our professional services and staff have been enhanced with additional urban design and planning, air quality, climate action planning, environmental, botany, and natural resources management expertise. Our offices are located in Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, Oakland, Irvine, and San Diego. Ascent's core services focus on the environmental, biological resources, climate change/GHG, air quality, community planning, urban design, and resource-oriented planning fields. Our staff expertise encompasses a broad spectrum: CEQA/NEPA/TRPA environmental review, environmental planning, wildlife biology, botany, wetland ecology, soils science, climate action and adaptation planning, atmospheric/air quality science, noise, GIS, natural resources management planning, outdoor recreation planning, wetland and endangered species regulatory compliance, historic architecture, public outreach, Native American traditional ecological knowledge, and urban planning and design.

A caring, enjoyable, and career-oriented workplace (albeit nerdish at times, but in a good way) remains a paramount priority to support our office family.

Please check out our website, where in the "Library" we share useful environmental information about relevant regulatory changes, new research, court decisions, and the like, as well as our Facebook page, where we provide a little insight into Ascentians' personality. Thank you!